Art inspired by Turner’s House

Caroline Areskog Jones filmed at Sandycombe Lodge during 2016. Visit her website to view her work Border Crossings, which has two short films on Turner’s House, With Heart as Calm as Lake that Sleeps, with poetry by Kavita A Jindal, and Diagram of a Geometric Perspective on Memory – after Turner.

You can listen to Areskog Jones and poet Kavita A. Jindal discussing the work as part of the LSE Literary Festival.

You can also enjoy Tahira Mandarino‘s art video ‘Turner Timelapse‘ inspired by Turner’s House.

Since Turner’s House Trust took over Sandycombe Lodge, many artists and photographers – amateur, professional and students – have visited the house and made work there. They have been inspired by its emptiness, qualities of light, and atmospheric state of temporary disrepair during the development of our major restoration project, and by the idea that Turner designed the house and lived there.  We have encouraged the use of the house by having artists’ open weekends, by allowing tutors to bring adult groups for classes and inviting students to carry out projects, and by holding a Big Draw event for families each October. We also have an artist in residence. We have held three exhibitions there, but this gallery is intended to showcase work so that everyone can see it.

As the house will be closing completely for major repair and restoration from January 2016 to Spring 2017, when it will re-open to the public, we regret we are no longer able to offer artists the opportunity to work in the house in its unrestored state.  We would like to thank all the artists and photographers whose enthusiasm and creative presence have enlivened this period before the house is restored, and who have also helped publicise our project and donated a percentage of their sales to the restoration fund. We hope to be able to welcome artists again once the house is restored. For any queries about the artists or work in this gallery, please contact the artist, or email Thank you!

Jenny Pearce
Trustee, Turner’s House Trust